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Image for Harlequin Collector's Set V.3

Harlequin Collector's Set V.3

By: N/A

Price: $7.97

Publisher: Echo Bridge Home Entertainment:

Seller ID: 3390

Case interior flap - one end broken ; Dvd clean, no visible scratches ; 0.58 x 7.1 x 5.42 Inches View more info

Image for Just Past Midnight

Just Past Midnight

By: Amanda Stevens

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Harlequin: 2004

Seller ID: 001452

The darkest part of the night is the most dangerous Stalked for years, Dr. Darian West has become an emotional recluse, a woman a the mercy of a skilled killer who knows her every move. Threats to her family have kept her mouth closed, but every man who has become involved with Darian has paid the same fatal price. Even now the authorities have the wealthy psychologist under surveillance because of crimes a madman has committed in order to tighten his hold on her. ... View more info

Image for Her Little Secret #1248 - Women In Blue

Her Little Secret #1248 - Women In Blue

By: Anna Adams

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Harlequin SuperRomance: 2005

Seller ID: 000892

One cop + one soldier + one unplanned pregnancy. Even they don't know how that equation will add up. Abby Carlton was willing to give up her career for thomas Riley - until she realized she'd always come second to his duty to his country. So she went home and rejoined the police force, trying to catch up with her friends and classmates, but aware that her pursuit of love had left a black mark on her file. Now Thomas is back, needing help only she can give. View more info

Image for The Great Montana Cowboy Auction

The Great Montana Cowboy Auction

By: Anne McAllister

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Silhouette Books: 2002

Seller ID: 000166

With the neighbor's ranch at stake Montana-cowboy-turned-Hollywood-hearthrob Sloan Gallagher agreed to take part in the Great Montana Cowboy Auction organized by Polly McMaster. But in order to avoid going home with an overly enthusiastic fan, he provided the money so that single mom Polly could take him home for a weekend of playing house. View more info

Image for Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch

Crime Scene At Cardwell Ranch

By: B.J. Daniels

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue: 2006

Seller ID: 001288

Murder In MontanaAfter Hudson Savage betrayed her, Dana Cardwell hoped never to lay eyes on the seductive cowboy again. Until a bunch of old bones showed up on her family ranch. Suddenly her former lover was back in her life in a big way - to investigate a decades - old crime. Five years ago, Hud left town with a heartload of regrets. But now, as acting interim marshal, he had a job to do. And this time he wasn't walking away. Because Dana's life was on the line ... View more info

Image for Shotgun Surrender McCalls' Montana

Shotgun Surrender McCalls' Montana

By: B.J. Daniels

Price: $1.75

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue: 2005

Seller ID: 001289

MISSION: MAKEOVERIt was high time Dusty McCall found herself a boyfriend. The tomboy might have been able to lasso a steer at fifty paces, but she had no idea how to wrangle a man. One thing was clear. a makeover was needed. Goodbye cowboy boots, hello high heels!Rancher Ty Coltrane couldn't believe Dusty's transformation from rough - and - tumble cowgirl to fresh-faced beauty. Had the woman of his dreams been living next door all along?When questions were ra... View more info

Image for Feet First

Feet First

By: Banks, Leanne

Price: $3.00

Publisher: HQN: 2005

Seller ID: 3043

Mild shelf wear, smudged edge; 379 pages View more info

Image for Lost In The Night

Lost In The Night

By: Barbara Delinsky, Anne Stuart, Tara Taylor Quinn

Price: $3.50

Publisher: Harlequin: 2003

Seller ID: 001487

View more info

Image for Dangerous Deception

Dangerous Deception

By: Barton, Beverly

Price: $2.25

Publisher: HQN Books: 2006

Seller ID: 3855

Protectors; 1.2 x 6.6 x 4.2 Inches; 384 pages View more info

Image for Murdock's Last Stand

Murdock's Last Stand

By: Beverly Barton

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Silhouette Intimate Moments: 2000

Seller ID: 000142

A man of honor and honor was the only reason well-muscled former mercenary Aloysius Murdock agreed to be Catherine Price's bodyguard. For Murdock owed Catherine's father his life. But once Murdock laid eyes on his best friend's beautiful daughter, he realized he would do anything for her.... View more info

Image for Downright Dangerous The Protectors

Downright Dangerous The Protectors

By: Beverly Barton

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Silhouette Intimate Moments: 2004

Seller ID: 000175

She had always been the good girl, putting her family first, never thinking of herself. But now Elsa Leone was a woman on a mission, and her well-meaning attempt to put an end to crime in her town had earned her enemies. Deadly enemies. View more info

Mcquaid'S Justice (The Cowboy Code) (Harlequin Intrigue, 497)

By: Bishop, Carly

Price: $1.00

Publisher: Harlequin: 1998

Seller ID: 2295

0.6 x 6.5 x 4.1 Inches; 256 pages View more info

Image for The Empath

The Empath

By: Bonnie Vanak

Price: $2.00

Publisher: Silhouette Nocturne: 2007

Seller ID: 001280

THE WOLF MUST HAVE A MATE TO SURVIVE... Nicolas was the strongest and fiercest of the Draicon, until he was banished for a trumped-up crime. Now the werewolf has only one path to redemption: find the Draicon's long-lost empath, the woman who will save the pack - and Nicolas himself - from terrible danger. Maggie Sinclair is a veterinarian, dedicated to healing. She has no idea of her true nature, the magic waiting in her soul - or the man coming to claim her. T... View more info

Image for A Little Dare (Silhouette Desire Series #1533)

A Little Dare (Silhouette Desire Series #1533)

By: Brenda Jackson

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Silhouette Desire: 2003

Seller ID: 002087

Remainder mark, bottom corner bent. View more info

Image for The Stolen Bride De Warenne Dynasty Series

The Stolen Bride De Warenne Dynasty Series

By: Brenda Joyce

Price: $2.75

Publisher: HQN: 2006

Seller ID: 000897

Her heart belongs to an outlaw . . . Sean O'Neil was once everything to Eleanor de Warenne -- but since he disappeared from his ancestral home, there has been no word, and even Eleanor has abandoned hope, promising her hand to another. Then, just days before her wedding, Sean reappears . . . but the boy who was once her protector is now a stranger, hardened by prison and on the run. Weary and haunted, Sean is shocked to find that little Elle has become the beau... View more info

Image for A Dangerous Man

A Dangerous Man

By: Candace Camp

Price: $2.50

Publisher: HQN: 2007

Seller ID: 000816

Eleanor has always been looked on askance as 'the bossy American' by London society, the very antithesis of British virtue and propriety. Now, at the death of her husband, she has been appointed trustee to his estate, and the proverbial fur is flying. Infuriated, her mother-in-law sends Lord Anthony Neale to put an end to Eleanor's nefarious gold-digging ways. Anthony and Eleanor clash immediately. He thinks she's a siren who uses beauty to entrap men. She thinks he... View more info

Image for Safety In Numbers #1463

Safety In Numbers #1463

By: Carla Cassidy

Price: $2.50

Publisher: Silhouette: 2007

Seller ID: 000639

Trained to protect, Meredith West had always been self-sufficient. That is, until she discovered she had a stalker. Suddenly, the tough, trained bodyguard was a damsel in distress - and too embarassed to ask for help. Lucky for her, she didn't have to. Under the guise of needing a vacation, disturbingly handsome investigator Chase McCall arrived in Cotter Creek, Oklahoma. The purpose of hs trip was complex - and a conflict of interest given his sizzling reaction to M... View more info

Image for Hot Number Hot Zone Series #2

Hot Number Hot Zone Series #2

By: Carly Phillips

Price: $2.25

Publisher: HQN: 2005

Seller ID: 000504

The Hot Zone For Immediate Release Contact: Micki Jordan, co-owner of The Hot Zone Sports Agency Micki Jordan, publicist to the brightest stars in the sports world, is pleased to announce the end of her tomboy ways, effective immediately. While she will still be able to discuss the finer points of the two-man defense, Micki has transformed herself into one hot number, and she will no longer be known as "just one of the guys." To that end, Micki is now h... View more info

Image for Brazen


By: Carly Phillips

Price: $2.75

Publisher: Harlequin: 2005

Seller ID: 000875

Samantha Reed is willing to settle into marriage as a trophy wife to a wealthy older man--if it will help her aging father pay off his debts. But not before having her first, last and only fling--cramming a lifetime's worth of lust into one weekend with the first available guy she finds. And when her car breaks down near a roadside tavern, she sets her sights on the sexy bartender--Mac Mackenzie…the perfect man for her love-him-and-leave-him fantasy. Only, it ne... View more info

Image for The Last Honest Outlaw #732

The Last Honest Outlaw #732

By: Carol Finch

Price: $3.00

Publisher: Harlequin: 2004

Seller ID: 000692

Murder and abduction had introduced Rozalie Matthews to Eli McCain, who'd taken her hostage in a hail of gunfire. Yet as she tended him in a deserted cabin, she knew two things for sure: this rough and ready loner was no outlaw...but he was a thief of hearts! Eli McCain knew he was probably on every wanted poster in the Rockies by now - for a crime he didn't commit. But no one was going to believe a half-breed mountain man was innocent of anything - except maybe his ... View more info